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With Luminar 4, your photos are the center of attention. Automatically group your photos by year, month, and even day. Easily navigate between images and make sure that the perfect image you’re looking for is always at hand.


Luminar 4 is an all-in-one photo app designed to offer everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing. Give all your photos a look you want in seconds. Make the necessary edits on a single image. And instantly sync all the adjustments with a click. It also works great as a plugin and an external editor for every photographer’s workflow.



In Luminar version 4, the interface and window is much tidier and easier to navigate. You’ll see 6 different toolbars, including:

  • Canvas: Here, you’ll find your basic editing functions like erasing, cropping, and transforming.

  • Essentials: This toolbar holds all your colour and tone correction tools as well as AI Structure, Denoise, Details Enhancer, and Landscape Enhancer.

  • Creative: If you like to be creative with your shots, you’ll love this toolbar. Here’s where the AI Sky Replacement is located, as well as the Sunrays tool, Texture Overlay, and Color Styles.

  • Layers: If you like to edit in layers, you’ll need to operate this toolbar.

  • Portrait: For all your portrait processing needs, including the AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer.

  • Pro: This toolbar includes the most advanced editing tools, from gradient tools and split toning to advanced colour and contrast controls.

You can edit in layers within Luminar 4, allowing you to take control and really get granular in your photography. It’s possible to apply several layers on top of each other to achieve exactly the look you’re after.

It’s almost impossible to completely remove the risk of vignetting, chromatic distortion, or bevel effects, but you can fix them in the post-processing stage.

Skylum includes more than 70 free Looks (aka presets), which you can operate to enhance your photography for an instant result. Choose from seven different categories covering a range of photographic styles from landscape to portrait photography, and control the intensity with a simple slider. Made to save a lot of time.

The AI tool rely on smart machine learning technology, so the more photos that it processes, the more advanced the program will become. While the current tools are already incredibly powerful, we expect to see even greater things from them in future updates.

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The AI Sky Replacement tool is what’s got everyone raving about the version 4, from loyal fans to new users. AI Sky Replacement tool works by completely removing the sky from your image and replacing it with a more attractive sky. The app includes a range of skies to choose from, but a great feature is the possibility to upload your own skies. In this way, you can replicate a certain aesthetic or create an entirely unique photo by just replacing the sky.

The possibilities are endless with this exciting new AI Sky Replacement feature. You’re shooting a wedding, but the weather won’t co-operate and you end up with a miserable, grey background? Just swap it out for a beautiful blue sky! If you’re dabbling in nature photography and want to give your image that extra pop, add in a sunset sky scene to liven things up.

AI Sky Replacement is particularly impressive because nothing else on the market can replace skies in such a seamless manner. Every little detail, like the gaps between trees or around the outline of a person, is filled in a natural and convincing way.


If you’re looking for a complete program that has all the tools and features you need to process your shots, start to finish, Luminar 4 fits the bill. But it’s also suitable for loyal Adobe fans who are curious about the new Artificial Intelligence tools Luminar has to offer – just run it as a plug in within Lightroom, and pick and choose which tools you want to operate from each program.

Many photographers are short on time and like to spend as much of it as possible out there, taking images. I don’t know anyone who prefers to be sat at their computer, fiddling with lighting, exposure, and filters, to exploring with a camera in their hands. If you want to save more time on post-processing, this is the perfect solution. You’ll be able to achieve stunning shots in just seconds, allowing you to take more images, edit them quickly, and share the results.

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