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Expert Photography - A Great Source For Photographers Getting Their Start!


What is your photograph personality? Find out now by taking Expert Photography's Quiz!

Can you learn photography on your own?

Absolutely! The internet has brought the world's best photographers and best minds together in one place. No matter what kind of photography or question you have you can find the answer online. Want to know about the inverse square law and why it’s so important to mastering flash photography? You can find the answer online. Want to know the basics when adjusting your settings when photographing a newborn? You can find the answer online. Anyone can learn photography!

This article is to give a source to photographers wanting a more detailed and structured way of learning new photography skills. Photography For Beginners, Effortless Editing In Lightroom, and Total Time Lapse are just some of the course available through Expert Photography. With their courses you will be able to take your photography to the next step!

What Is Expert Photography?

Expert Photography is run by a team of 13 people (and 50 freelance writers), producing 18 free blog posts a week, with a variety of online courses, ebooks, cheat sheets, presets, and more.

Focusing on Photography Education, Expert Photography is your number one source to educate yourself on multiple facets in the photography niche. They are a great source with a massive amount of information, both free and paid courses.

Free Articles

Expert Photography offers a ton of free articles including articles like Photography For Beginners (An Ultimate Guide), The Ultimate Guide To Landscape Photography, and 17 Best Apps For Photographers In 2022.

Photography Courses

Where Expert Photography really shines is in their detailed courses. Each of their courses are detailed and leave no stone of information unturned. You will come out the other side with more knowledge and a better understanding of photography as a whole after completing their simple easy to follow courses!

Check out Expert Photography for yourself and see all they have to offer. Take their Photograph Personality Quiz today and find out how to get to the next level in your photography game!

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